Congregational Prayers during Lenten Season

Congregational Prayers during Lenten Season

We have a practice of praying together as a congregation right before the teaching during seasons like Lent and Advent. It has been a joy. We will include the prayers of the church, the Lords Prayer, Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, this connects the church to the truth that there is a church around the world, and they have been praying these prayers together for centuries. We also write original content as well. Here is the prayer we prayed on Palm Sunday:

Thank you Jesus for your example of humility, by choosing a donkey to carry you.

Thank you for your powerful and loving entry into our lives and world every day.

The budding trees and flowers shout Hosanna.

The sound of gurgling streams, babbling brooks and rushing oceans shout Hosanna.

The laughter of children, the cries of a newborn baby all shout Hosanna.

We join this chorus today, we give you thanks and praise for who you are,

for all you have created, for inviting us to co create with you.

Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for life, love, and hope.

Forgive us for the busyness that distracts us from seeing you.

Open our eyes to your love and kingdom here on earth.

We receive your love, and we love you in return.


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